Are you ready to date a young woman?

Dating can be tough, and age gap dating is even tougher, as older men date a young woman. It requires a different dating skill set that includes patience and understanding, it’s complicated.

Here’s what to keep in mind when older men dating younger women—because dating someone with same age is completely different than dating someone in different ages.

Are you ready to date a young woman
Don’t hide past relationships.

Divorced? Kids? Hey, no one’s perfect. But just because she hasn’t shared a similar experience, don’t feel that she wouldn’t relate to your life or your issues; open up and you never know what wisdom she could offer. Youth might imply less experience, but it doesn’t mean a lack of empathy, nouns and emotional intelligence. And remember, it’s kind of sexy when a man feels empowered enough to discuss his feelings.

Don’t say…

“When I was your age…”
“Young people are so ____.”
“Oh you weren’t even BORN when this album was released.”
“You were still a toddler in 1989? Ewww.” Yes, it’s gross and it doesn’t need to be pointed out.
“Daddy’s home.” Creepy to the nth degree.

Do be confident.

Few younger men have it, We all have insecurities, and that’s normal and OK, but women find confidence attractive. As a mature man, you have more experience in life and are apt to be more confident in many areas of your life. It’s simply natural! You are in a different league! Confidence does help you get a girlfriend, whether she is much younger or not.
And I must mention here, yes, your maturity will attract her.Some men might be embarrassed or uncertain about the idea of date a young woman. And they wonder “why would a guy like that want to date someone like me?” In either case the way to overcome this resistance is to hold firm in your belief that the age difference between the two of you is no big deal.

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